Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Sweet Peas

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy!

This may be a belated post, but at least we celebrated Jim's birthday over all last weekend. His actual birthday was September 25th where we had a cake for him during Sunday morning church and a delicious meal at his parent's house that afternoon.  I have to brag on him a little, since it is the time of year to celebrate him and all, and say that he is the BEST daddy I could have ever dreamed of for Margo and the BEST husband I could ever be blessed with.  He is our rock, our servant, our adventurous leader, and our fun loving director!  I love the blend of spontaneity and consistency that he brings to our family and am so blessed by his unconditional love!  His three girls are absolutely CRAZY about him!  Happy Birthday Honey! :)


We had a wonderful end-of-summer trip to Hilton Head Island over Jim's b-day weekend!