Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ober Gatlinburg

Ready to board the tram!

Walking thru downtown Gatlinburg

The view on the tram

Margo loved looking out over the city!

The other tram coming down the mountain!

Jim being our anchor as Margo and I looked out the window! :)

One of the oldest chalets - only 6 inches of it rests on the mountain - the rest is on stilts!

Ready to play in the indoor area on top of the mountain!

Black bear and Daddy bear! ;)

Ready to try out ice skating! :)

Margo and Daddy are ready!

Margo was a little scared of the ice!

She was holding on tight!

Margo was not too happy to be on the ice...

Much happier on solid ground! :)

Loving the unlimited carousel ride!

And lots of fun with Daddy!

Traveling back down the mountain

The view of the "barbie" chalet

Snow covered home when we got back to Fort Campbell!

Margo and Daddy made a snowman too! :)

Leaving our second hotel with snow flurries!

Pigeon Forge Christmas Village

Dixie Stampede!

Walking in with Daddy! :)

One of the horses! :)

Checking out the horses in the barn!

With her new cowgirl hat! :)

Posing on the steps!

Watching the pre-show entertainment!

Ready for the show with light up cowgirl hat! :)

Grumpy face!
Silly face!

At the arena!

Dixie Stampede family pic! :)

Meeting the riders after the performance!

Margo loved meeting them and the horses! :)

Petting Peppy the horse! :)

Seeing the horses after the show!
Posing by myself because of Ms. Grumpy-pants...

Grumpy pants! :)

Palm Sunday at Pathways Church in Pigeon Forge, TN

Entering church on a rainy Palm Sunday!
Margo got to be part of the children's program.  We laughed so hard when we saw her walk in and up onto stage like she owned the place - we had no idea that she was going to be part of it! :)

Listening to the pastor speak!

Ready to do the hand motions!

She was learning as they were going along and did a great job just jumping in and praising Jesus! :)

She saw us and gave us a big smile and thumbs up! :)

She's on the left corner of the screen! :)