Saturday, June 22, 2013

Evening Stroll to the Park

Sock Curls!

Going to bed with Daddy's socks in her hair!

All done up!

The next morning - getting some curls in her hair! :)


I helped volunteer at our chapel's VBS program on-post.  This year they did Kingdom Rock - "Stand Strong!" was the theme and I had a group of seven kids to lead around and discuss the days events with.

Chadder's Theater - where we had a snack and watched a video every day.

Margo joined our team during the second day - we were part of the green team!

Imagination Station - where we did experiments to learn spiritual lessons - this was one day where we balanced forks on a toothpick on the edge of a glass.

Fun with the balancing bird that everyone got to take home! :)

Epic Bible Adventures - where we reinacted Bible stories - we got to build the wall of Jerusalem from Nehemiah's day!

Last Day of VBS - ready for the day! :)

Posing in front of the castle on our last day of VBS! Margo was suppose to be in the childcare room because she wasn't going into Kindergarten, but she got to join us for days 2-5 and she loved being with the other kids! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Epic Water Adventure!

We set up three water areas in our back yard for Margo and our neighbor's sons to play in.  We had a blast with the slip-n-slide, blow up ball fountain, and kiddie pool complete with "water slide" - oh, and Jim broke out the water guns over his lunch break too! ;)

Soccer Champions!

First game on Monday afternoon to see who would make it to the championship.

Relazing on a hill... :)

A view from above - a Chinook helicopter doing maneuvers above me.

Second game on Wednesday night

Warming up!

Playing on the sidelines with a friend!

They actually played two games back to back because the team we played hadn't lost a game and we had to beat them twice to win the championship...

Post game handshakes - we WON!!!

Margo and two other little girls in the middle of the huddle yell "one, two, three" and everyone says "Out Front!" :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

St. Louis, MO - Day 3

Inside the St. Louis Science Center - a free museum in the cit complete with T-Rex! :)

Trying out some illusion boxes.

Daddy behind the skeleton! :)

Observing bird feathers!

Daddy's wingspan! :)

Our archeologists!

In front of the dinosaur exhibit - with T-Rex's head chopped off! ;)

Digging for fossils!

Musical hop-scotch!

Trying to run the big wheel!

Daddy helping!

Lunch at Fitz's - a local brewing, bottling root beer factory with yummy food and amazing root beer floats!

Daddy got a free root beer that says "Happy Father's Day 2013"

Now THAT'S a Daddy Day size root beer float! ;)

Passed out on the ride home!

And an accidental pit stop in Indiana when I went the wrong way home... it ended up being only an hour longer than going up to St. Louis! :)