Friday, August 23, 2013

Fire Station Outing

All dressed up to meet up with our home school group to visit a fire station on post!

Inside the workout room.  We also got to see where the firefighters cooked, slept, did laundry, and of course played video games!

Margo listening intently to the fire chief!

A fireman in all his gear.

Getting down so that the kids could see his gear and not be frightened by the looks and sounds of it.

Learning to crawl on the ground to stay safe when in smoke and fire!

Getting to meet EMS and walk thru an ambulance.  We got to see all the cool tools they have now including a chest compression machine so you don't have to manually do CPR!

Getting up close with the back of the ambulance.

Outside visiting the ladder truck!

They showed all the hoses and levers of the firetruck and then extended the ladder out for us to see!

Starting to bring up the ladder...

half way up...

All the way extended it can reach the top of anywhere on post except the tower at the airfield.

My little firefighter recruit! :)

Starbucks Date

Margo and I were an hour early to our home school group outing so we decided to take a detour to a Starbucks and park on post for a smoothie, apple juice, and some swing time!

Playing with Friends

Margo's favorite pastime lately has been playing in our wading pool anytime she has friends over.  She loved having a little girl friend over to play mermaids in the pool!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tap Class!

Stopping at a Festival

When you see some bouncy houses and Christian rap music on the side of the road on a Saturday, you gotta stop and enjoy!

Just Tri Kids Eaglet Run!

Signing in Margo and her friend Gavin!

Getting race numbers written on their arms and legs!

I can hear "eye of the tiger" in the background of these two hardcore runners! :)


Wild Man Gavin and Cheetah Margo ready for their run! :)

Warm-up pull-ups!

More warm ups!

So proud of my little athlete! :)

Me and the kids!

Ready at the start line!

Off they go...

All the way down the road to the top of the hill where they have a drink break and then run back down!

Gavin rouding the corner to the finish line in under 9 minutes - he was the second fastest!

Margo and Daddy turning the corner to the finish right behind Gavin!

Gavin getting to the finish line!

Margo's last sprint to the finish - she hit a few walls during her run and wanted Daddy to carry her and then cried for Mommy to hold her... my poor baby but Daddy was a strong encourager and helped her run to the end! :)

Crossing the finish line in a little over 9 minutes!!!!!

Getting some refreshment!

Candy and a ribbon - Margo came in third, or "first for the girls" as Gavin said! ;)