Friday, January 31, 2014

Portrait of Carolina

Margo's portrait of "Carolina laying down" complete with circle ears, teeth, a tail, and of course an artist signature!


I love hearing the wishes that Margo comes up with - today it was wishing she could be a fish, then after thinking over her wish, she changed it to have a horse from a real horse stable! :)

Downtown San Antonio

Playing on a playground!

Pretending to put on an animal show!

At the children's theater, Magik Theater, to watch SkippyJon Jones (after the children's book series).  It was mostly school tour groups coming to the theater so Margo and I pretended to have our own "school group" where I let her be "class leader" and eat on our "school bus" (our car).  It's fun to see her get excited about the perks of homeschooling! :)

Waiting for the show to start inside the Magik Theatre
Walking around the downtown riverwalk area

Remembering the Alamo

In front of the Alamo in downtown San Antonio

Exploring the courtyard inside the Alamo
The courtyard and well in the Alamo

Margo thought this huge cactus was so cool! I think it might have been the first one she's ever seen in person because she was amazed by it. :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playing with my new camera lens...

Lone Star Mall

The lego that Jim made - a cross that says "4 U" - I was so impressed!

Margo's lego "thing" - atleast she was proud! :)

Walking around the Disney Store

Around the Hotel

Watching Holly play in the snow in Aiken over FaceTime!

Getting a workout!
Looking at my big basketball! :)
Playing "Dunkin Donuts" in our hotel kitchen!

Pretend earrings (she wanted to look like Mommy with a earring on her cartilage - oh the things she picks up on! :)

The other side of her earrings! :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas BBQ

We have to get real Texas BBQ while we are in Texas, right? Well we've been trying to research the best place to go and while we were eating in Arkansas on the way down to Texas, Man vs. Food was on at the restaurant we ate at.  He was eating "the best brisket he has ever had" and it was somewhere in Texas.  After googling it on my phone we found out that it is a famous bbq stand in Driftwood, TX about 20 minutes off our route.  We decided to stop on the way down to San Antonio and are sure glad we did!  The Salt Lick did have the best brisket we've ever had and we sat outside on a beautiful 75 degree day with live music playing and lots of space for Margo to run and play!

Our spread - Margo's less than thrilled expression about eating a bunch of meat - her plate is on the right - a piece of bread! :)

Smiling with her ice cream and we had blackberry cobbler too!

One of the smoke pits!

The picnic area with a pavilion of live music.

Little poser - pretending to lasso in front of the kids ranch!

She was in a good mood with lots of poses for us! :)

Outside the kids ranch, a playground, grassy area and picnic area

Church in Dallas

When we were planning our trip to Texas and we were planning to stay overnight in Dallas I knew that Sunday morning I wanted to try to make it to Dr. Tony Evans' church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.  It is a huge church with at least three buildings but everyone was so friendly and it didn't have a feel of a mega church at all.  Margo got to be in the 4-5K Children's Church and during service first time vistors were suppose to stand up, which we did, and they welcomed us and had a greeting time where people came up and gave us hugs and handshakes welcoming us.  Tony Evans preached and it was amazing Biblical truth that we enjoyed hearing in person.  The church has a number of community outreach projects and it was a blessing to hear from several church members and their ministries in pregnancy care and sanctity of human life.  We left feeling blessed, refreshed, and challenged!

Dallas Zoo


They had stations all around the zoo with parrots just sitting on limbs eating and staring at you.  We watched this one eat a walnut!

The bird nature area at the Children's Zoo where Margo got to feed a bird some meal worms! :)
Margo coming out from her egg in the playground in the Children's Zoo.
Cowgirl up!

Her favorite part of the zoo - a nature learning lab that was in a little building with a zoo keeper giving kids lessons about the animals in the small exhibit.  Margo got to wear a Dallas Zoo zookeeper shirt and felt like she was hot stuff talking to the real zookeeper. :)
Viewing the red eyed tree frog in the nature lab.
My favorite part of the zoo.  A new baby Colombus Monkey that was born on January 17th.  The mother was holding it and the other members were all patting it's little head and we even saw it nurse from it's mother (they don't know if it's a boy or girl yet because the mother hasn't put it down for them to sex it yet).  It was really fun to see!
My little girl on safari!



Margo on a "baby elephant"


Koi Pond!

Playing in the children's zoo on the spider web!

Margo the turtle! :)

Penguin in the bird show

Crowed crane in the bird show

American eagle in the bird show

You could feed the raven "any paper money" at the end of the show - yeah it conveniently will only take paper money, not coins - good training Dallas Zoo. ;)

Another parrot around the park!

After going all around the zoo, Margo wanted to go back to the nature lab in the Children's Zoo.  It was about a half hour till closing so we went over and the same zookeeper was there and Margo asked her a ton of questions.  Finally the zookeeper asked her if Margo would like to help close down the cages - Margo was thrilled!  Here she is cleaning the algae off the side of the tank with a special brush that has magnets in it to connect the inside piece to the one you hold on the outside. 

Spraying purified water onto the tree frog and around his tank.  She also got to give meal worms to a toad, make sure the king snake didn't go to the bathroom in his cage before the keepers left for the night, and midst water on the green snakes.  She also got to help lock all the cages and was so excited to help with every little detail. :)

Final stop was a ride on the carousel! :)