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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Word Update

Well, here is a list of words Margo says. She can pretty much say, or try to say, anything that you ask her to - if she's in the mood to chatter! So, I narrowed it down to words that she can say unprovoked and that she understands corresponds to the item said. I love this talking stage!

Hi (Hieee), Hello (He-wow)
Mama, Dada, Carolina (Lina), Holly (Ali), Nana, Pop-Pop, G-ma, Paw-Paw, Jenni, Preston, Adrien
Jesus, Amen
No, Yeah, Please (pleez), Thank You (tank-koo), Hot (for hot or cold), Mine, Up (for Up and Open)
Dog (woof-woof), Cat, Horse (Arse), Butterfly (boo-boo-eye), Elephant (eye-eye, followed by blowing), Monkey (Ah-Ah), Bird, Duck, Fish, Ant (an-T)
Boo-Boo (for scratch), Ouch, Nose, Head, Foot, Elbow
Elmo, Bob (for Veggie Tales),
Outside, Pool, Flower (Bow-er), Balloon, Car, Train (Cho-Cho), Phone, Baby (be-be), Ball, Slide, Purse, Keys, Book, Paper (ba-bur), Sticker (hick-ER)
Bow, Shoe, Dress (ess), Shirt (irt), Brush
Eat (ea-T), More, All Done, Apple (Ah-bull), Banana, Cheese, Strawberry (b-berri), Cracker, Chip (blip), Watermelon (me-me), Chicken, Juice, Water (woah-woah), Cookie, Cake
Bath, Bubbles, Poop, Pee-Pee
"Eeeee-Meee" - it means somet
hing to her, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what she is trying to say! :) She says it when she wants people to join her, like in the pool, laying down, or running somewhere.

Bug Spray

An outdoors essential.

Chair Fort

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Around the House

Breakfast of Champions

Student in the making

Jim and I are frantically trying to complete our last two courses for our Masters degrees. I think we are spending a little too much time studying in front of Margo. The past two nights she has been happy to sit for almost one hour writing on her pad of paper and drinking her water.

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A Great Greeting

Margo LOVES her daddy (so does Margo's mommy). Whenever she hears a car near our driveway she screams out "da-da" and runs toward the back door. Today we enjoyed sidewalk chalk (just have to point out my creativity with "Margo loves Da-Da" on the steps) and this was her ecstatic expression whenever Jim got out of the car.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010