Monday, November 24, 2014

Bathtime Blues

I think JD may have hazel eyes, but there is a blue tint to them when he's snuggled in a blue towel!

Cold Weather Drive!

Catch Up Apology...

So it has taken some time to get my feet under me with activities, housekeeping, and homeschooling for me to feel like I have enough time to blog!  But maybe you will forgive me if I give you some pics of our cuties! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Margo's New Car!

Margo has been saving for an electric car over this year - every penny she finds on the ground, money she gets from holidays, birthday, and lemonade stand she's been saving!  I found the power wheels she's been looking for on sale at the PX here on post and I bought it while she was at a friend's house - she was SO excited to have her car!!!

Driving brother!

Driving Nina around via FaceTime!

Riding with Casey!

Mommy Daughter Date Night!

Outside the theater to see Wizard of Oz

My little Dorthy!

Margo with "flat Daddy"

Glinda the Good Witch

Tin Man and Cowardly Lion walking down the aisle

The cast!

Margo and Dorthy!

Technology, Eclair, and Our 6 Year Old!

FaceTime with Grandma, Preston, and Adrien for Margo's b-day!

Skype session with Daddy!!!

Blowing out a candle over FaceTime with Nina and Pop Pop!

Margo requested a chocolate eclair cake for dinner and we went to our friends house, the Rondon's, for dinner and to celebrate Margo turning 6!

She got a clam from Uncle Doug and Aunt Stephanie that had a pearl inside!

It was a kit that made it into a necklace!

Playtime around the house!

Family Sleep Over!

Ben's Birthday at Kids N Play!

Halloween Pool Party!

My Ariel and Prince Eric! :)