Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homemade Apple Pie

Washington, DC

The Potomac River and Washington Monument

Passing by the White House

Washington Monument

During our drive around DC Marine Force One (the helicopter of the President) flew by and I was able to snap a bad pic - you can barely see it through the trees, but I still thought it was cool! :)

MLK Jr. Monument and Washington Monument!

Picture in front of the national mall!

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Getting friendly with the DC squirrels!

At the WWII Memorial

Touching the top of the "Big Pencil" :)

Jefferson Memorial

Watching Planes Land

One of the places that we visited with Carrie was a park right next to Regan Airport!  It was amazing seeing the planes taking off and landing only a few hundred feet above us!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visiting Mount Vernon

Entering Mount Vernon

Carrie and Me at Mount Vernon

The view of the Potomac River from Mount Vernon!

Looking inside one of the buildings

George Washington's Garden

Beautiful gardening areas!

Looking at the sheep!

Watching the farrier.

Watching the loom!

Petting one of the horses!

Cleaning clothes with Carrie!

George Washington's Tomb

Horse drawn hay ride

George Washington Museum

Dress up in the children's room of the museum

Visiting the Carlsons!

Going on a real egg hunt!

One of the 18 chickens - I liked how pretty her coloring was!

Brushing teeth with Constance and Valen!

Day two starts with a walk around downtown Fredricksburg, VA!

Local library stop.

Window shopping

Toy store!

Sweet Constance!

Margo playing on the playground that Bethany takes her kids to!

Fun with the kids!


Margo talking with Daddy.

The girls on the swings!

Valen on the tire swing!

Playing down at the creek.

Sweet girls!

Back at Bethany's sweet farm house!