Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Days in Palm Springs

Around our hotel

Our cool shades - with a great background!

In the parking lot of our hotel
Margo at the pool across the street

Complete with a waterfall!

In-N-Out Burger - need I say more!

Eating her grilled cheese from In-N-Out

With some of our favorite people - "Uncle" Mike and "Aunt" Myra

Jim sharing a short testimony at the Eagle Commission Breakfast

Worshiping with Chaplain Graham at one of the session

Sitting with Chaplain Graham - that girl loves him! :)

Family photo at our hotel

Dining with the chaplains and spouses

A little future away picture.

Pete and Monica Stone with a sweet chaplain's widow Loreen Young

Dessert - Frozen Yogurt!

Great fellowshipping with this awesome group!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vision Leadership Conference

We were blessed to attend our endorsing denomination's leadership conference this weekend.  The Grace Brethren conference was held in Palm Springs, CA and we are able to attend a few chaplain related pieces to the conference.  We arrived late on Friday afternoon and had special training for the chaplains and wives on Saturday.  We'll have breakfast on Sunday with the Eagle Commission (people who support the Grace Brethren Chaplains by prayer and financial support for our endorsing agents, chaplains, and chaplain candidiates) and then leave on Monday.  Here are some pictures from our travel day and first day...
All snuggled up on the plane!

On a tram to the USO for some free food in the Dallas airport

Sky above

and mountains below!

Entering Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Airport

Gotta have In-N-Out! :)

Yum! Chocolate shakes, burgers, and fries!

Our beautiful room!

Walking around the hotel compound...

View from the second story where we had our training!

And of course a visit to the pool! :)

Ballet Again

After class, Margo enjoys watching the karate class! :)

Spash Park

We took a break from unpacking to have some fun with Margo's friend Ben and his mom Carrie!

Sleeping Beauty

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving Day Casualty

Considering all the moving we've done since leaving Aiken, I am surprised that this was the only thing that broke!  I'm going to miss this sweet soup bowl!


A Little Mermaid at our New House!

Moving on out