Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yoga Time!

When there are things to get done - this is how I roll

Commissary cart drivers!

Big toothy smile!

Eatin' it up

Puff eating machine!

First attempt at a sippy cup!

His very favorite baby food - meat and potatoes... literally!

Loving Chick-fil-a - between the entertainment of watching the big kids, sitting in a big boy high chair, and eating waffle fries and chicken - what isn't to love about CFA!

Goatee face from eating prunes!

Southern boy eating up some grits!

Winey to Smiley in 0.2 seconds :)


Margo didn't want to pose, but I made her anyway! ;)  We chose to take the holiday to talk about Martin Luther King Jr and talked about God creating everyone no matter what skin color in the same race but different people groups (thanks Ken Ham for the wording).  We then opened two shells of eggs (a brown and white one) to show that they are the same on the inside (thanks home school website)! :)

Ready for Valentines!

JD meeting my first baby - Mickey :)

I found my very favorite baby doll that I played with as a kid - his name is Mickey!  I brought him home with me and found out that he and JD are almost exactly the same size!

A girl playing in her room

"Momma I need to stretch!" - what Margo said after playing Barbie for almost an hour! :)

Bundled for a Ride!

Goofy Kids!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Penguin Jammies and Nighttime Routine!

Mommy snuggles!

My little penguins!

Snuggles with Carolina!

Reading books from Daddy!

Bathtime Boy

Little eater

Baby in a Basket

JD's first time riding in the cart! :)

Snow Flurries!

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home flowers from Jim!

Heading Home...

Our Aiken shirts to take with us! :)

Taking a break on our way back to Fort Campbell with a stop at the chocolate store! :)

Upward Basketball with Cousins!

Sleeping In

Thursday, January 8, 2015