Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Morning

My precious baby boy in my bed!

And a cutie princess!

Night Time Fun!

Snuggling with Daddy and Carolina!

Bath time with Casey and Margo! :)

Playing a song she wrote on her guitar!

Sunday Fun Day!

My sweet little greeter handing out chapel bulletins! :)

AWANA crazy hat and hair night!

How JD Rolls

Snuggly baby loves to lay on his side when he is ready to sleep!

And stick as many of his fingers in his mouth as he can! :)

Butterfly Festival

The butterflies are released!
Rolling down a hill!

Happy Flying Baby!


A butterfly landing on Mommy!

Margo getting to touch the butterfly!

At Home!

Playing in the exersaucer!

Working hard at playing hard!

He loves standing up!

And sweet Miss Margo!

Carolina relaxing watching the kids!

Getting bigger in his car seat!

Keeping the porch light on for the one year anniversary of a solider who was KIA from Fort Campbell and whose 6 yr old son lives in Clarksville and requested for people to keep them on for him.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Puff Painted T-Shirts!

Margo wanted to make crafty t-shirts so we made an alligator for JD and a my little pony for Margo!  Margo also painted some shorts but they are definitely a five-year-old masterpiece and Daddy and Mommy have decided they are only to be worn around the house! :)

Happy 32nd Birthday Jim!

Painting t-shirts!

Singing happy birthday! :)

Family Pictures on Jim's Birthday!