Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chuck E Cheese B-Day Party

Margo driving around Hannah in the jeep!

Birthday girl Sarah on a pony ride!

Margo and Daddy - I love the authentic smiles Margo gives when in her Daddy's arms!

Singing Happy Birthday to Sarah!

I laughed at Margo's reaction to Sarah blowing out the candles - she's so worried Sarah won't be able to blow them out! :)

Skies Unlimited Fall Festival Open House

Dressed up as Super Girl (I'm sure glad I bought all these costumes after Halloween the past two years for under $4 a piece so she has plenty to choose from!)

Getting ready to blast off!

The wearing of a cape requires one to run freely around the yard!

Free play on the mats and gymnastics equipment!

Jumping along the trampoline!

Balance beam!

Decorating a pumpkin!
Photo booth fun with Ben!

Margo's ghost for her milk jug craft.

Yoga time!

Ghoul Bowling

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grace Community Church Trunk or Treat

Our little flower ready to trick or treat!

Trunk or Treat!

Hop Scotch to Candy Land at Trunk or Treat!

FX Live Show - family experience show that does crazy challenges including grabbing the most toilet paper blow from a leaf blower!

Fall festival area!

More trunk or treat!

Wizard of Oz!

Playing with her friends Trenton and Gavin in the background! :)

Snuggling with my pig! :)

Halloween Neighborhood Festival

Our little bride all dressed up and ready to go to the festival!

Lots of standing in line, but it was fun!

Butterfly face paint!

Balloon tiara!

Trunk or Treating!

Bouncy slide!

Petting zoo - petting Thumper the rabbit

Muntjac deer that was so sweet licking the rabbits!

Brushing the goat!

More fuzzy bunnies!

Banjo the goat doing a trick - stepping across the backs of the kids (Margo was next!)

Banjo the goat on the back of Margo! :)
One last pet of Thumper the bunny!

Brushing the sheep!

A big pig! :)

Getting geared up for her pony ride!

Giddy up!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Run for the Fallen

Ready to run/walk in honor of the fallen soldiers since 2001 over Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
It was a very chilly morning for Margo! :)
Brigades waiting around to start the run.
Our Rakkasans!
Opening ceremony (we are in the right hand corner near the speaker)

Families across Fort Campbell walking for our soldiers.

A flag representing each of the fallen soldiers from Fort Campbell since 2001