Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Grace Brethren Leadership Conference

On our way to conference with a stop with her doll Kelsey and a dollar gift money to get some ice cream!

Later in the evening trying on some reading glasses.

Lunch the next day with my parents and Uncle Mike and Aunt Myra - missionary friends of ours from the time I was a little kid!

So blessed to have my mom come to Atlanta to pick up Margo for a weekend of fun with Nina while we went to conference! :)

The "M" girls - Myra, Me, Mom, and Margo!

While looking at conference tables I found a recent magazine where I was featured! It was really fun to be able to show Jim and my parents what I wrote for a women's magazine in our fellowship while he was deployed! :)

Pool time with Daddy at the hotel!

Walking around Atlanta with my love after my parents took Margo with them!

Dessert at Maggianos with live music and a nice table partner!

Our dessert sampler - yummy!

Next morning at Andy Stanley's church BuckHead Church campus of his Northpoint Ministries. 

Lunch at a local burger joint with Strawberry Rhubarb Milkshake!

Dinner the following day where my chaplain got to speak during the Chaplain Appreciation Dinner for our church fellowship.  What a blessing to be able to share with other chaplains, missionaries, and ministers!

Our table group of Mike and Myra Taylor, our amazing prayer warriors, and Steve and Pat Taylor our home church pastor!

Mike and Myra's daughter Joanna called Jim "chicken head" when we were little - we were joking that Jim needed a "chicken head" badge when we looked down and saw just the thing - we had a good laugh!

We had a hand-off of Margo outside of Atlanta and gave my parents Jim's mom who we picked up from the Atlanta airport the night before - this is them as we waved goodbye at a stop light!

An ice cream on the ride home!

My passed out babies!

Water Fun!

Pretending to tube down the "rapids" of our kiddie pool! :)

Margo tubing!

Afterwards as a window cleaner with a bug net! :)

Hail and Farewell

We had a Hail and Farewell with our Unit Ministry Team for us as we move from 101CAB to 3rd Brigade still hear at Ft. Campbell.

Lyrical Dance Class

It's a week before dance starts back up and they gave the kids a preview of what new things they had available.  One is lyrical dance (kind of like interpretive movement) and Margo got to attend a free class on it before her ballet/tap class starts in a week!

Brigade Change of Command for 101 CAB

Three days of military ceremonies? No problem when friends come with tons of candy! :)

2-17th Squadron during the passing of the commanders.

The passing of 2-17th in front of our staging area!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2-17th CAV Change of Command

Part of the pomp-and-circumstance that is the Army is having Change of Command ceremonies.  The outgoing commander is farewell with accolades and awards and the incoming commander is welcomed and commissioned.  Our squadron commander completed his command on July 24th with a ceremony held for him.
Our Commander, LTC Harvey and his family being farwelled with a pre-ceremony by Col. Bontrager, our brigade commander.

The color guard.

The program

We had "reserved seating" - even Margo got a spot called "Murray Guest" :)

Formation of the Troops

The 101st Air Assault Marching Band

Inspection of Troops

Honors to the Nation.  Margo said "I can salute because I'm the little Chaplain."

Jim doing the Invocation

Jim's prayer

Jim praying with the two aircraft that his squadron uses behind him - the unmanned Shadow, and the Kiowa Warrior Helicopter.

Glad to be sitting with Daddy when his prayer was over!

Snuggled with Daddy!

Passing of the Colors

The formation with incoming commander, brigade commander, and outgoing commander in front.

A pic of the two aircraft that Jim's squadron uses.  The small unmanned aircraft called Shadow, and the Kiowa Warrior Helicopter.

Pass and Review with the incoming commander and his family.

101st Airborne Division Band
Headquarters Troop

Jim and Margo in front of the unmanned aircraft, Shadow.

Family pic in front of the Kiowa!

The seats of the Kiowa - Jim got to go up in one when in Afghanistan!