Monday, April 27, 2015

JD's adoring fans! :)

Soccer Saturday!

Dinner and a Show

Margo putting on a show for Brother while he eats dinner :)

He loves watching sister dance!

Getting Ready for Dada!

Countdown Chain!

Making Homemade bread!

Springtime Flowers

Spidey Boy - Thanks McDowells!!!

Scotten Girls Visit!!!

Playing on the trampoline after a long drive up!

Trying Lebanon bologna sandwiches - Jim's favorite! :)

A stop at the cow while we were in Amish country!

At the Fort Campbell Museum!

Silly selfie! :)

Me, JD, and Melanie, Emily, and Michaela!
Me, JD, and Michaela!

Shaved ice!

Playground fun!

Sliding with Melanie!

Fire pit on our last night together!

Thanks for visiting girls!!!  Margo and Melanie came down with a stomach virus for two days but to end the trip with everyone smiling was a huge blessing!!!

Second Tooth!!! :)

Quick Stop at Beachaven Vineyard!

Homeschool - Ant Farm!!!

One Year Old!!!

Birthday Bathtime!

JD's Birthday - Bowling Alley with Chapel Next!!!

Brother's Birthday Gifts!