Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our First Day with Daddy!

Chick Fil A!

Playing outside!

A dog in her glory :)

One happy family!

Pizza making with Papa Jim! :)

Our family is complete again!!!!! :)

Daddy's Home!!!!!!

Margo showing Daddy outside! :)

Showing Daddy her teeth she lost!

Welcome home sign from Margo!

Jim's Homecoming!!!!!

Our amazing hotel room!!!

Full kitchen!

Beautiful bathroom!

And comfy bed!

Waiting in the airport bathroom! :)

Jim's gate - I got a special escort pass to go thru security and wait for Jim! :)

Watching the flight icon to Nashville Airport!

Jim's flight coming to the gate!
Welcoming home my solider!!!

My soldier is home!!! :)

Walking to our hotel with his bags!

Our beautiful hotel room! :)
Relax! :)

Getting ready for Daddy!

Outdoor Play