Saturday, March 26, 2011


Jim and I had a wonderful date night last night to see the new local hockey team - the Riverhawks play their last home game of the season. We thought we'd start and end our support of the Riverhawks season off right by getting seats at the glass. It was a great game. Crazy fans (seats to our left had cowbells, seats to our right had booze, seats across the ice threw confetti when we would score), a couple of hard hits, puck hitting the glass right where we were, and a win in overtime to boot! Okay, now for an explanation of the title of this post. No, we did not go to a furniture store during our date night, I just have not been able to get the Rooms-To-Go theme song (you know, "Buy the roooo-ooom, get the TV" out of my head since it's also the song (different lyrics of course) that you sing when our team makes a goal! Anyway, we had a fun time out and reminisced of the past hockey games we have seen together while dating and married!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two More Projects

A Forgotten Outing

Last month we had a picnic with Nina in the park - I totally forgot to post pictures of it... so here they are from our February outing!

Garden in the works

I have never tried gardening with seeds before but thought I have the time, it costs less, and it could be educational for Margo so why not! I have yet to see anything poke through the ground outside or in our makeshift "greenhouse" kitchen but it's only been a week and I'm trying to tell Margo we have to be patient but I think we're both ready to reap the rewards of our attempt at having green thumbs!


Margo loves to "help" do the dishes. It always makes a bigger mess, but it is great that she can be occupied while I cook and she feels like such a big girl!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Thing

Beep Beep

Margo and I picked the right time to go to the mall last week! We ended up going at the same time that the coin collectors for the kids rides collect the money. As it turns out, they have to test all of the rides and since we were there, they let us ride all of the rides - for FREE! It was the first time Margo has been on a moving mall ride and she had so much fun she wanted her babies to join in the fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick Days

Sick days as a mom are very different from sick days when I worked full-time. This week is the first time since Margo has been born that I have been "laid-up-in-bed" sick. Thank God that it has taken over two years for my first REAL sickness, but gone are the days of calling in to the office, telling them I'm sick, and rolling back over for a day of snoozing on the couch and watching chick flicks! I now have a little person asking every few seconds "what we doing Mommy?" So, my sick days now consist of trying to provide enough activities for an active two-year-old so that I can sit and watch while I feel like hiding in a whole all day! For the record, as if it has to be said, I am NOT a super-mom and this week has truly humbled me at how impatient and self-centered I am. I'm learning that each experience I go through as a mom has something that God wants to teach me through it. Although this week has been very challenging, it has also had some of the sweetest gems of mommyhood so far. Including Margo blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk, which made us laugh hysterically, singing new songs from storytime, putting her storytime sticker on her nose because another girl did it and I said how cute it was - Margo doesn't want to be left out! Maybe sick days can also be fun days... if I'm drugged up enough! :)