Saturday, September 27, 2014

JD at 5 Months Old!

Here is an update on JD at 5 months old!  He is 18 1/2 pounds.
~ JD is in 9 month clothing mostly because of his length - he can't fit in any 6 month sleepers unless they are separates.
~ He loves to watch anything that Margo is doing, which makes taking him along to her gymnastics practices and piano lessons all the more easy because he is quite content to watch her the entire time.
~ He likes sitting in the bouncy seat in the kitchen watching me as I cook dinner, but he prefers to be held facing out more than anything else.
~ He loves standing and gets really excited to jump and stand on your legs or the floor.
~ He got to touch the Gulf of Mexico, road in a bike carrier, and swam in a baby floaty in a pool for the first time!  He LOVES the water, especially the calm water of the pool and will lay and kick his feet!
~  He rolls side to side a lot reaching for items to grasp onto, and will occasionally roll over from front to back when on tummy time.  He has also rolled from back to front one time that I've seen him do it.
~ He sits up and forward with a boppy around him and can easily pull himself up if you have your hands out for him to grasp onto to pull into a seated position.
~  He finds it funny to hold his feet and almost always grabs them during diaper changes.
~ Speaking of diapers, we are still cloth diapering, although we used disposables during vacation and when we are out.  He is going longer between diaper changes and will rarely wet through a cloth diaper now, when just a month ago they were still leaking!
~  Margo can make JD laugh when she blows raspberries toward him, or talks to him.  He has a nasally laugh and coos from his belly almost in a hum type sound.  His eyes light up if you make the sounds back to him that he says to you.
~  He has become pretty vocal so I've had to keep a few toys with me when we are in church or meetings so that he doesn't talk too loud.
~  He has just learned how to grab an item when you hold it out in front of him.  He will lock eyes with whatever you have and grasp it to bring it right to his mouth.  He will drool and gum anything but his favorite is his wubanub pacifiers, sophie the giraffe, and your fingers!
~  He loves the playmat that we have and kicks and coos talking to the little doggy that is on the front of the mat. 
~  He calms quickly even when he becomes overwhelmed at things like loud noises, quick movements, and cold or hard things touching him.  He even calmed down as soon as I held him and gave him his paci after having shots.  If he gets too worked up crying, he'll do little sniffles and sighs after calming down - it's so pitiful but so cute!
~  He will let anyone hold him, and if you are talking in his general direction he will smile and stare at you as if what you are saying is the most important thing in the world!  

He is so precious and it is so much fun to see him growing.  We had lots of fun getting to show him off to family this month too and being able to spend lots of time as a family of four as well!

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