Friday, August 15, 2014

JD at 4 Months Old!

JD is four months old!!!  He is now approximately 17.5 lbs (we are still trying to work out his healthcare with the Army so he hasn't had an official check up yet!)  Here are some things to get to know about him:
~ JD is in 6-9 months clothes and he is too long for three month sleepers, is in size three diapers, and I've had to adjust the rise on his cloth diapers to fit him better - he is definitely our growing boy! :)
~ He loves to people watch and if you are talking in his direction, he is all ears and will give hearty coos and smiles in agreement to whatever you say!
~ He doesn't particularly like tummy time, but he has rolled over three times (twice on August 3rd).
~ He has started putting things in his mouth that he can get his hands on but his favorite is still the wubbanub pacifiers with little stuffed animals on them.  He likes to have one of them and a burp cloth with him almost all the time to suck and chew on!
~ He had his first time in the bumbo seat and on the bouncy activity center - partly because he enjoys sitting up and partly because Mommy needed a break from holding him all the time. :)  If he spent more than a few minutes playing in it then he would spit up all over the play area! :)
~ He began sleeping in his crib at the end of this month - on Friday, August 8th he began sleeping in his room and sleeps from 8pm to 2am (nurses) and then goes back to sleep until 8am!  There have been times where he wakes up three times a night, but for the most part he is a good sleeper!  He takes a little power nap in the morning around 11am and then does a big snooze around 2 until 5.  He'll sleep most places if I am holding him or if I have him in my carrier.  If I keep him in a stroller or laying down he will wake up to loud noises.
~ He also seems more sensitive to sounds then Margo was, one time a loud guitar started a song at chapel he gave a big pouty face and let out a cry before settling down.  If Carolina barks or if I talk suddenly while he is nursing he will do the same thing, giving a pouty face and cry before I consol him.  It's so cute though! :)
~ He was my little helper this year at VBS, welcoming the kids every morning for the week of VBS and he LOVED seeing his sister dancing to the VBS songs and is totally in love with her - Margo is his favorite person!!!
~ Daddy was gone this month for training so we watched a few videos that Jim sent Margo last deployment of him reading books to her.  He enjoyed watching them with her and has enjoyed having Daddy back this month - Daddy's trying different things to get JD to laugh and it's fun to see them connecting!
~ And the most fun development is that he is now laughing! It is so much fun to get him to laugh and he loves getting kisses on his feet, belly, and neck - neck kisses will get the best laughs out of him! :)

I wouldn't say he is an "easy" baby, but he certainly is a baby you can easily comfort if he is crying - he either needs to be changed, fed, or held and he is happy!  He is such a blessed addition to our family as he grows and learns!

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