Sunday, August 3, 2014

Land Between the Lakes - Hummingbird Festival!

Looking at the hummingbirds who are stopping on their migratory path for some sugar water at the nature center!

Hummingbird feeders!

Coloring her own hummingbird!

Ready to go on a scavenger hunt!

Tagging hummingbirds!

And what did she want for a face painting - a hummingbird of course! :)


  1. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I can't believe you got to see them tagging the birds and everything! I love the face painting, too :)

  2. Yes! The guy doing the tagging was a "master bander" and has been doing this for over twenty years. They would put the bird in a piece of a stocking and roll it on it's back to relax it and then could measure and band it. It was really fascinating! :) Margo's has been learning about "birding" and we have an app on the ipad for her to listen to different sounds of birds. I'm sure she'd have lots of fun with you birding! :)