Tuesday, October 14, 2014

American Girl Store and Bistro Atlanta

Mommy and Margo with our baby dolls

Margo and Marie-Grace

Getting to do a craft with some other girls

Playing with Bitty Babies

Looking at the pets!

Groovy Julie :)


Yes, that is a hook for your doll in the American Girl bathroom! :)

Ready to eat lunch at the Bistro!

Brother all dressed up for lunch with Margo!

Table setting included napkin rings that doubled as hair ties that you could take home.

Our waitress saw that Margo was pretending to take our order so she brought over a waitress set that they really used - Margo loved it!

Yummy lunch!

And Marie-Grace had her own cup and plate too that we could take home!

Gift from Daddy - a locket with a picture of him in it!

Daddy and Daughter!

A close up of the locket necklace!

Birthday celebration from American Girl!

Blowing out the candle!

Yummy mini ice cream cones!


Isabella the Girl of the Year!

Looking at the horses!

Pic with Mommy and the kids - including Marie-Grace :)

Family Pic!

Margo taking our order!

Happy Brother!

Daddy and Margo talking about the deployment - it's bitter sweet, but we are so proud of our girl as she serves with us in this ministry and learns to share responsibility of deployments and helping soldiers in her own way of sacrificing to let Daddy do his job!

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