Monday, October 13, 2014

Chick-fil-a Truett's Luau

Getting on the rickshaw out front of the restaurant!

Margo in the lobby of Chick-fil-a!

Shout out to our family on the Big Island! :)

The lobby at Chick-fil-a with a mail box, post cards, Hawaiian items, and crocodile head! :)

Playing the ukelele with her friend Hannah who lives outside of Atlanta!

The front of the restaurant with a "normal" chick fil a on the left, drive thru in the center, and a sit down restaurant on the right.

Palm trees, patio seating outside, and bee hives (white boxes on the second level)

Margo and JD with our friends Hannah and Alex who came to see us outside of Atlanta with their parents - they are family of our next door neighbors and we've gotten to know them through their visits to Fort Campbell!

Writing out some post cards!

And mailing them off!

A beautiful mirror in the bathroom :)

Not a very good picture but we loved the outdoor seating, waterfall, and live music on the patio!

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