Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jim's Training at JRTC

Jim in camouflage paint out in the field!

A picture through Jim's night vision goggles of a Chinook helicopter loading up soldiers.

And another Chinook with a sling loaded hummer.

Some of Jim's soldiers loading into a Chinook

Wild horses out at the base where Jim was stationed.

A wild stallion!

Soldiers writing down information at their mission brief.

Sunrise in the field!

Soldiers doing maneuvers as part of their training.

Tactical movements training.

Setting up positions and doing a mock casualty movement.

Medics practicing IV placement under night vision.

Jim's Sunday service with his stole and communion items.

Communion cup and bread (wafers).

Service set up.

Jim preaching

Another night of camouflage paint

Loading up vehicles and equipment to be shipped back to Fort Campbell by rail!

Jim handing out notes for a Bible study.

Jim writing down plans at a mission brief.

Another field service

Soldiers taking communion

Jim leading a Bible study back here at Fort Campbell in his battalion classroom.

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