Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Story time learning about how pumpkins grow and a devotional illustration about God carving us like a pumpkin - taking out our inside yuckiness and putting in his light.

JD's friend Benjamin who is two weeks older than JD!

Husking corn to make into feed for the animals!

Our little corn husker!

Milling corn the old fashioned way!

And using a tractor run combine to mill the rest of the corn

Feeding the animals!

Margo and her friend Robynn on the hay ride!

My little pumpkins in the punkin' patch!

My sweet friend Jenn and her daughter Jordan on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch!

Margo's friends Zach and Dylan with their pumpkins!

A wagon of pumpkins! :)

Flowers at the farm!

Cool guys on the hay bales!

Our home school group of kiddos!

Margo and Robynn were on a mission to feed the goats - they were worried that they were underfed but I assured them that they were not!

Goats climbing around!

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